Watch Ddendyl vs. Deja Hall on The Voice 2014 Season 6 Battle Rounds 2

On April 1, Team Shakira singer blues singer Ddendyl and pop vocalist Deja Hall sang a duet to A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera’s “Say Something.” At the initial pairing with Shakira, the coach showed Ddendly and Deja both their strengths and their flaws. While both ladies were told that their strengths are in their soft tones, Ddendyl’s problem was most noticeably her lack of breath while performing. As for Deja, the 17-year-old singer lacked confidence in her performance and had to work on opening up her body language.

During rehearsals, Mentor Chris Martin and coach Shakira urged Deja to find an emotional connection with the content in the song. Ddendyl, who is used to singing behind a piano, was told to improve her stage presence and come alive during her performance. Both ladies were also told to fine tune the harmonies to sound clearer.

Both ladies took the stage with the pop ballad, and coach Adam Levine was pleased by seeing a song, which debuted on the show on The Voice 2013

Season 5, sung by contestants the following year. Adam admired Ddendly’s ability to stay on key without her vibrato, and applauded Deja for the strength in her voice at such a tender age. Blake Shelton was at a loss for words, and called the performance great. Usher noted that the performance of both ladies were extremely different and while it was hard to choose, he would choose to invest in Deja. When it was time for coach Shakira to make a choice, she was conflicted by Ddendyl’s artistry and Deja’s innocent, “heavenly, yet earthly” sound. When it was time to select a winner of the battle, Shakira decided that she wanted to invest more time in Deja’s growth as an artist.

Watch Deja Hall vs. Music Box on The Voice 2014 Season 6 Battle Rounds

On March 24, Team Shakira artists Deja Hall and Music Box belted out a duet to “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles. Shakira chose the song for the two contestants as she wanted to see what each singer would do to make it their own. Mentor Miranda Lambert noted that Deja was still young and hadn’t found her full voice yet, while Music Box was on “100 all the time.”

During the final rehearsals, Shakira noted that both singers regressed a bit and asked that both ladies take their mics and move around the stage. Music found herself having pitch problems, while Deja struggled to find her note and connect with the song on a deeper level.

On the night of the battles, Deja took the stage with renewed confidence singing the song for her family, while Music decided to showcase her love for her son with her performance. Adam Levine told both ladies that they both had an amazing tone and quality to their voice, but picked Deja as the winner of the battle. Blake Shelton told Deja that her voice was pretty powerful, however, Music had a well-defined sound and chose her as the winner.

Usher thought that Deja definitely has potential to explore and grow her talent, while Music definitely had her own sound but could use more refinement. Shakira felt that Music’s unique sound and tone was more apparent when she was more vulnerable. On the other hand, Shakira thought that Deja’s powerful demur sound well-complemented her sweet disposition — which at times could be seen as a disadvantage of being inexperienced. Shaki ultimately chose Deja as the winner of the battle, however, Music was stolen by Usher and lived to sing another day.

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Deja Hall

Team Shakira

Deja is the child of two military parents. Because she moved around a lot, her only constant growing up was music. She’s a varsity basketball player who’s very competitive, despite having only one kidney. She gets told that she should take it easy but refuses to slow down, and that’s why Deja’s determined to be The Voice.